Copper Tungsten (10W3) Rectangle Bar


Made of 75% tungsten for wear and arc-erosion resistance and 25% copper for electrical and thermal conductivity, these bars work well for electrodes in the electrical-discharge machining of tungsten carbide and other dense material. They’re RWMA Class 11, so use them for facings and insets for flash and butt welding dies, projection welding electrodes, and seam welding. Compared to RWMA Class 10, they’re more wear resistant because they contain more tungsten. They’re commonly known as Elkonite bars.
Length (inches)
Dimensions (inches)


Copper tungsten alloys are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, resist wear, and maintain dimensional stability. They are particularly suited for electrical contacts, heat sinks, and electrode materials for electrical discharge machining (EDM). With their unique properties, copper tungsten alloys have become indispensable in manufacturing high-performance components and devices, ensuring reliability and efficiency across diverse sectors. As technology advances, the demand for these versatile and robust alloys is only expected to grow, further solidifying their integral role in modern innovation.

Typical Uses

Used for facings and inserts for flash and butt welding dies, projection welding electrodes, seam welding, bearing inserts, facings for electroforming, and electro-forging dies. Often used for EDM electrodes for greater wear ratios.

Other Designations

Copper Tungsten, 10-W-3, 75/25, Ampcoloy 42, Elkonite 10W3, C-10, Centerline 10W3, Electroloy 10, H-10W, T-10W, Tuffaloy 10W, Weldtung 20CT, W-10W