C932 Bearing Bronze Rectangle Bar

C93200, also known as SAE 660, has excellent machining properties, good hardness, and strength and wear resistance with excellent antifriction qualities. Copper Alloy 932 is not subject to dezincification. 932 bronze offers good strength and wear resistance, and is often used for bearings, bushings, and thrust washers.


Incorporating C93200 Bronze from Southern Copper in your production process guarantees a significant improvement in the performance and longevity of components, particularly in high-load and intermittent-motion applications. Its ability to withstand wear and tear and minimize friction translates to lower maintenance costs and reduced equipment downtime. By selecting C93200 Bronze from Southern Copper, businesses can confidently deliver premium-quality products that meet the highest standards of durability and efficiency, setting them apart from the competition and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Typical Uses

C93200 Bronze is commonly used in automotive, aerospace, and heavy machinery industries, where high-performance bearings, bushings, and gears are essential for efficient and reliable operation. Automotive: C93200 Bronze excels in automotive fittings, providing long-lasting, low-friction solutions for components like bushings and bearings that ensure smooth vehicle performance. Fasteners: C93200 Bronze is often used in the manufacturing of washers and various applications due to its excellent wear resistance and ability to withstand high pressure and temperature. Industrial: C93200 Bronze is widely employed in producing bearings for cranes, fuel pump bushings, pump fixtures, and other essential components, ensuring reliable performance and durability.

Other Designations

CDA 932, SAE 660, SAE 660 Bronze, J461, J462, ASTM B-30 Alloy C93200, ASTM B-66 Alloy C93200, ASTM B144-3B, ASTM B-271 Alloy C93200, ASTM B-505 Alloy C93200, ASTM B505 C93200 Bronze, ASTM B-584 Alloy C93200, ASTM B763 Alloy C93200, QQC-390 Alloy E7, QQC-390 Rev. A/B Alloy C93200, Asarcon 773, 83-7-7-3, Mil B-11553-12, Mil C-15345-12, Din Rg 7, Ingot 315, CC493K, CuSn7ZnPb.