C18200 Chromium Copper CL2 Rectangle Bar

182 copper is stronger, harder, and more wear resistant than 110 copper. Also known as RWMA Class 2 chromium copper, it's commonly used in resistance welding, for circuit-breaker parts, and for molds to make plastic parts.


C18200 Chromium Copper is a general purpose resistance welding electrode material recommended for spot and seam welding of most materials. It is suitable for spot welding electrodes, projection welding electrodes, seam welding wheels, shafts and bearings, flash welding electrodes, and current-carrying structural members. It is also available as high strength and high electrical conductivity castings for use as welding platens and secondary circuit structural members. This material derives its properties from a combination of chemistry, heat treatment, and cold work. Class 2 material should be used in the heat-treated condition.

Typical Uses

Pencil-type and light soldering guns, tips and rod extensions

Switch contacts, electric motor and generator components, contacts, wire, high temperature semi condutor basses, parts for electronic devices, cable connectors, thermal condutors requiring greater strength than plain copper, arcing and bridging parts, circuit breaker parts, electron tube grid side rods.

Resistance welding machine electrodes, spot welding tips, seam welding wheels, electrode holders, flash welding electrodes, plastic mold components, current carrying shafts and arms, wear plates on heavy equipment, heat sinks, structural parts.

Other Designations

CMW 3, Mallory 3, C-2, CL-2, Electroloy XX, H-2, #130, Tuffaloy 77, Tuff 77, Weldaloy 20, Cr-Cu