C18150 Chrome Zirconium Copper Plate


C18150 Chrome Zirconium Copper is a high-strength alloy notable for its exceptional electrical and thermal conductivity combination, has gained prominence in various industries. The integration of chromium and zirconium with copper results in a durable, wear-resistant material that provides optimal performance in applications demanding both high electrical conductivity and mechanical strength. C18150 is commonly used to produce electrical contacts, resistance welding components, and various high-stress parts in aerospace, automotive, and heavy machinery industries.
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One of the vital characteristics of C18150 Chromium-zirconium Copper is its impressive resistance to softening at elevated temperatures, which allows it to maintain its mechanical properties even in the harshest of environments. This feature makes it an ideal choice for applications exposed to high heat and stress, ensuring the longevity and reliability of components made from this alloy. With its remarkable conductivity, strength, and formability balance, C18150 Chromium-zirconium Copper remains a preferred material for engineers and manufacturers seeking innovative solutions for demanding applications.

Typical Uses

Electrical: C18150 Chromium-Zirconium is a popular choice for resistance welding electrodes. Its exceptional thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, and wear resistance make it ideal for high-stress welding. Consumer: C18150 Chromium-zirconium Copper is the go-to choice for light soldering guns, tips, and rod extensions, providing excellent heat transfer and lasting durability for precise and efficient soldering applications.

Other Designations

UNS / CDA C18150, CuCr1Zr, CW106C, RWMA Class 2, Chrome Zirc Copper